Unidentified BC Shells

This page is for shells I have found in British Columbia that I have not so far been able to identify. If you recognize any of the shells shown below, please contact me at pegerton@shaw.ca.

(Rissoid species?)
(Shell #8: Unknown micro shell - 2mm, rocky intertidal, Port Hardy, BC.)

Shell #8: The above shell is brown, glossy and has fine spiral grooves. Is this an Alvania or Barleeia?

(Lirularia or Margarites species?)
(Shell #7: 2.5mm - rocky shelves heavily covered in algae, Port Hardy, BC.)

Shell #7: Are the above shells a Lirularia or Margarites species?

"The nine little shells in #7 look like a variety of Lirularia succincta. I've notice that this species is variable throughout its range. I've found large heavy ones similar to those and I have found nice patterned specimens like the ones you have depicted for that species." (- Tom Lawson)

(turbonilla species?)
(Shell #6: turbonilla species - dredged in Barkley Sound, BC.)

Shell #6: Turbonilla ?macouni (from Abbott 1974)?

"Shell #6 looks a lot like a Turbonilla tridentata (Carpenter, 1864) specimen that I have in my collection. Mine was collected in fairly shallow water in Monterey Bay. The sculpture looks very similar but the aperture is more acute in the pictured specimen than mine (perhaps it wasn't done maturing the lip)"(- Tom Lawson)

(unknown gastropod species)
(Shell #2: Unknown gastropod species - dredged in Barkley Sound, BC)

Shell #2: Tachyrhynchus lacteolus or reticulatus? Lirobittium, something similar to L. rugatum (Carpenter), which isn't found as far north as British Columbia?

"Bittium or Lirobittium species" (- Charles L Powell)

(Ceritiopsis species?)
(Shell #1; Cerithiopsidae species? - Bamfield, BC - 6.5mm)

Shell #1: "Similar to Cerithiopsis columna (Carpenter, 1864)" (- Rick Harbo).

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